Based on the nutrition and healthy diet, SUNKONZ multifunctional blender combined with the design principle of high-tech and nutrition, it can make the processed food preservation complete nutrition, easy to digest, while maintaining the taste, it can quickly and easily handle all kinds of food, beverage, milkshakes, ice cream, salad, etc.. Three leaf stainless steel titanium blade, with 30000RPM high speed stirring motor and design of diversion, plus that cup can instantly shattered food to the molecular state, the right key switch set humane key stirring speed and working time can let customers set the ideal. Compared with ordinary Juicer juice machine, for SUNKONZ, the lipid in food (lipids) and chemical plant nutrients (phytochemicals) exponentially released the food nutrients more easily absorbed by the body. So it is not only a good helper of housewife, but also for the catering industry to create a higher value added.

SUNKONZ blender beverage production time is so short, high efficiency, super quiet, beautiful shape, taste good. It will be full of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrition and taste into strong dense juice; make a delicious low-fat ice cream in fourteen seconds; in fifty seconds abrasive grain to powder state. The cup is long term contact with the ingredients, food safety is the first. SUNKONZ adhere to the use of baby class material - Tritan, is infant supplies designated materials in Europe and the United States Area, through the German LFGB certification, BPA-free.